The Second Chance Sack

The concept is simple: You have in your hands something that you need to throw into the trash. Your job now is to look at the item and think about if you can reuse it in any possible way. For instance, if it’s a phone bill that you’ve already paid—is the back of it blank? Then hang onto it for whenever you need to jot down some notes or write a grocery list. Continue to do this until the paper is entirely filled up, then put it into the paper section of the Second Chance Sack. Do the same for any other recyclable material of your choice in the other pocket. Even a plastic water bottle can be reused in many ways until it’s ready to be recycled.

When both sides are filled up, empty them out in their respective bins and you’re good to go. It’s easy and efficient.


Sack Options

It will be manufactured here in the USA and it will be available in both Nylon or Cotton. I recommend the Nylon for kitchen use as it doesn’t absorb water or odors; while the cotton is preferable for home and office use. Once released, it will come in 4 color schemes—but we will also be offering a limited edition Kickstarter green version for the duration of this campaign only